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Volume 2, Issue 2, 2014


Page No: 72-79

Efficient Standard Deviation Based Algorithm Based Image Pre-Processing and Edge Detection

Mirabelle E Greshamon and Rachel K Bernard

School of Information Science, University of Houston, Houston, USA

Abstract: In this paper an efficient standard deviation based algorithm which can automatically detect, localize and extract tampered area from tampered images is presented. The proposed approach is based on the application of a color reduction technique; Intensity based method for edge detection, and the localization of tampered regions using horizontal and vertical edges. This paper is based on the fact that normally tampered regions process high standard deviation compared to non-tampered regions. The outputs of the algorithm are tampered regions. The performance of the approach is demonstrated by presenting promising experimental results for a set of images taken from different types of video sequences.

Keyword: Standard Deviation, Watermarking, Image Pre-Processing, Edge Detection


Page No: 80-88

Parameter Optimization for Linear Viscous Dampers to Cable-Stayed Bridge in Near Fault Zones Based on Numerical Validation

Fen Luo1 and Zhihui Lan2

1Department of Automobile Application Engineering, Yantai Automobile Engineering Professional College, Yantai, China

2Department of Software Engineering, Yantai Automobile Engineering Professional College, Yantai, China

Abstract: In order to investigate the simplified design method for damper installed on cable-stayed bridge in near-fault zones, this paper proposed two-particle model for cable-stayed bridge and established the differential equations of motion. Parameter design formula for linear viscous damper is derived based on the concept of equivalent damping ratio; parameter design formula for nonlinear viscous damper is also deducted by equivalent linearization method. In the end, a single tower cable-stayed bridge is cited to verify accuracy of the formulations.

Keyword: Viscous Dampers, Equivalent Damping Ratio, Equivalent Linearization, Cable-Stayed Bridge, Near-Fault Ground Motion


Page No: 89-95

Analysis of Driver’s Stress Reaction Times when Driving on Urban Road Environment by Traffic Safety Model

Xing Mao and Kaishun Chen

School of Automobile, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China

Abstract: A driving simulator was set up for analyzing driver’s reaction time when driving on urban road environment. 28 participate drivers were recruited for the simulated driving test, each driver’s reaction perception time, decision-making time and operation time were measured and analyzed. Results show that the average perception time of experienced drivers(181.37 ms) is shorter than that of inexperienced drivers (195.62 ms). While experienced driver’s decision-making time is longer than that of inexperienced drivers, but more stable. The average operation time of experienced drivers (281.85 ms) are longer than inexperienced drivers(234.3 ms).

Keyword: Reaction Time, Urban Road, Driving Simulation, Traffic Safety


Page No: 96-101

Improving the Performance of Combined Profile by Involute of Circle and High Order Curve in Scroll Compressor Based on Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm

Weilin Jin1, Juli Guo2, Xun Bian2 and Zhikai Li3

1Department of Transmission and Transformation Engineering Mechanics, China Electric Power Research Institute, Beijing, China

2Department of Information Engineering, Dalian Ocean University, Dalian, China

3Department of Automatic Control, Dalian Ocean University, Dalian, China

Abstract: In the design of scroll compressor, in order to improve the performance of the combined profile by involute of circle and high order curve, the mathematical model was established which takes the stroke volume and area utilization coefficient as the objective function. Then optimize it by the MATLAB genetic algorithm toolbox and have a contrast of the original parameters with the optimized parameters. The optimal result shows that the result after optimization has higher stroke volume and area utilization coefficient.

Keyword: Combined Profile, Stroke Volume, Area Utilization Coefficient, Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm


Page No: 102-108

A Study on Component Library and Component Retrieval for Traditional Component Query Situation Improvement

Yongliang Hu and Xinzhe Yin

School of Information Engineering, Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing, China

Abstract: More excellent containment matching model is proposed based on component inclusion matching model. Moreover, matching cost algorithm is analyzed to get inclusive matching model. Representation and retrieval of component are the two main core technologies of reusable software component library. Representation of component facet and corresponding retrieval technology has been widely applied. Among them, both REBOOT and NATO put forward classification scheme of reusable software component. Therefore, efficiency of recall and precision of component are significantly improved comparing with traditional component query situation.

Keyword: Software Reuse, Component Library, Component Retrieval


Page No: 109-119

Combination of Feature Extraction Method and Conflict Resolution Methods Applied for Optical Character Recognition

Winston Q Raymond and Leo A Marion

School of Artificial Intelligence, South Dakota State University, Vermillion, USA

Abstract: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is one of the important fields in image processing. Kannada is one such south Indian language which is also the official language of Karnataka state. In this paper two level decision regions are used to recognize Kannada numerals. The algorithm proposes conflict resolution technique to resolve conflicts while conflicting features are encountered. The combination of feature extraction method and conflict resolution method is applied to recognize Kannada numerals. Numerals are collected from the standard Nudi 4.0 and Baraha 7.0 word processor software. Some scanned images also taken for testing. Proposed algorithm efficiency and the overall the classification accuracy is found to be 96.95%.

Keyword: Segmentation, Pixel Density, Template Matching, Conflict Resolution


Page No: 120-127

Designing of Wireless Communication Message and its Application in Tower Cranes Intelligent Monitoring System Based on CAN bus

Guishu Qiao1 and Jia Huang2

1School of Automation, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing, China

2School of Mechanical Engineering, Jilin Jianzhu University, Changchun, China

Abstract: For the demand of the tower crane with efficient and safe operation, the wireless monitoring management system of a tower crane is designed based on MCP2515/CAN bus in this paper. In order to monitor the operation state information of the tower crane real-time, the system monitor front-end is designed by using the platform with Cortex A8 and WinCE6. MCP2515 driver and Wireless communication message is designed by using Modbus/TCP protocol and the remote monitoring and unified management of the tower cranes are realized by the two-way communication of GPRS and remote management center. The stable and reliable of the system is proved by the field operation and the system has good application prospect.

Keyword: MCP2515 driver, Embedded system, CAN bus, Intelligent monitoring


Page No: 128-134

Study on Remote Monitoring and Automatic Evaluation in Salvo Bomb Mode for Shooting Range Automatic Target Evaluation System

Tiesheng He, Tianyu Qin and Qifeng Zhang

School of mechanical and power engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China

Abstract: With the continuous development and intense research, how to solve the problem of remote monitoring and automatic evaluation in salvo bomb mode for the shooting range automatic target evaluation system is one of the issues that need to be addressed. Based on this background, this paper focuses on multi-explosion points in the same characteristics matching and location. Analyzing multi-explosion points ground situation and the image characteristics in salvo bomb mode, namely technology difficulty, an image processing algorithm based on time division and epipolar constraint is raised

Keyword: Automatic Target-Scoring System, Image Matching, Same Characteristics, Epipolar Constraint

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