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Volume 3, Issue 1, 2015


Page No: 1-7

Designing of Non-Destructive Detection Device Consisting of High Speed Industrial Cameras and Miniature Camera Components

Haoming Hu, Haihong Zhang and Peng Xia

School of Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China

Abstract: In this paper, non-destructive testing on the inner wall surface of the deep, invented a detection device, the device by numerical control systems, mechanical control devices and imaging device components. PC lower machine controlled by CNC system mechanical devices IPC and PLC can control the composition includes a manual lift the car up and down movement, control multistage axial movement of the cylinder and the axial rotation of the servo motor control to meet the imaging device the location requirements. Imaging device consists of a high-speed industrial cameras and miniature camera components. The device has a low cost, high accuracy, simple manufacturing process and so on.

Keyword: Image Processing, Electrical Control, Endoscopic Detection


Page No: 8-13

Reliability Analysis and Improvement Measures for CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine Based on Failure Statistics

Guibo Zou1, Haorong Sun1 and Shuaipeng Yan2

1Engineering Technology Department, Xijing University, Xi’an, China

2School of Information Science, Wuhan Institute of Technology, Wuhan, China

Abstract: CNC cylindrical grinding machine reliability is an important performance indicator, the level of reliability will directly affect the use of CNC cylindrical grinding machine. Reliability of the traditional classification method is not clear, standards are not uniform, the paper application taxonomy for 12 CNC grinding machines from September 2012 to July 2014 for two years more than 600 pieces complete failure and repair data for statistical analysis to identify a greater impact on the overall reliability of the fault location and cause of the malfunction. According to the probability of occurrence of each failure mode, the severity of harm's comprehensive evaluation of the degree of fault of each site, identify the weak links of the whole system. As a result, the reliability of CNC cylindrical grinding machine will be greatly improved.

Keyword: CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Reliability Failure Statistics, Failure Analysis, Optimization


Page No: 14-19

Ventilation System Reliability Quick and Accurate Identification for Coal Mines Based on Probabilistic Neural Network

Yan Zhang, Wenbiao Wu, Huqiang Li, Guofu Zhao and Ninghai Mao

School of Automotive, Beijing Polytechnic University, Beijing, China

Abstract: In order to accurately and quickly identify the level of ventilation system reliability of coal mines, a new evaluation method based on Probabilistic neural network (PNN) was proposed in this paper. The design of structure of network, the rationale of evaluation algorithm and the performance of proposed method were discussed in detail. The case analysis indicated that the application of proposed method is feasible and reasonable and this evaluation method is easier and more practical. The research of this evaluation method could provide a new way of thinking for reliability judgment of the mine ventilation system.

Keyword: Ventilation System Reliability, Probabilistic Neural Network, Evaluation Method


Page No: 20-27

Compare Authentication Algorithms for Mobile Devices for E-commerce in Order to against Attacks and Combination of Hash Functions Salt and Nonce

Christopher A Salome and Atwood Bowenis

Centre of Database and Mathematical Modeling, Arizona State University, Lake Havasu, USA

Abstract: Nowadays use of E-commerce with mobile devices through the special capabilities, such as mobility and widely used become more popular. The security of transactions in these devices is a great challenge due to limited computing power and relatively weak processors. Mutual authentication and session key agreement can be very influential in term of security. Algorithms introduced in the 1990s had major drawbacks. In the 2000s, a new algorithm based on hash functions were introduced, which had a small computational load, but not a high security and mutual authentication cannot fully support. Algorithms introduced from 2010 onwards due to a combination of hash functions Salt and Nonce are safer. This paper examines the success of the algorithms introduced in this field since 2004 deals.

Keyword: E-Commerce, Mobile Devices, Mutual Authentication, Security, Session Key Agreement


Page No: 28-33

Study of Matching Algorithm and Analysis of Component Retrieval and the Facet Description of Component and Query Representation

Huibo Hao and Yujia Kang

School of Physics, Tonghua Normal University, Tonghua, China

Abstract: More excellent containment matching model is proposed based on component inclusion matching model. Moreover, matching cost algorithm is analyzed to get inclusive matching model. Representation and retrieval of component are the two main core technologies of reusable software component library. Representation of component facet and corresponding retrieval technology has been widely applied. Among them, both REBOOT and NATO put forward classification scheme of reusable software component. Therefore, efficiency of recall and precision of component are significantly improved comparing with traditional component query situation.

Keyword: Software Reuse, Component Library, Component Retrieval


Page No: 34-39

Research on Heterogeneous Data Based on Ontology Semantic Extraction Framework of Scientific Data

Zhenghai Ju1 and Lin Wang2

1School of Automation and Mechanization, Dalian Ocean University, Dalian, China

2School of Information Technology, Dalian Ocean University, Dalian, China

Abstract: In allusion to scientific data isomerism and diversity as well as the lack of semantics in petroleum domain, this paper puts forward ontology-based semantic extraction method for heterogeneous data. Firstly, semantic extraction framework for scientific data in petroleum domain is constructed. On this basis, corresponding semantic transformation and abstract rules are worked out in allusion to structured and semi-structured data to form local domain ontology. Then, overall ontology in petroleum domain of data is constructed through dependence mapping among heterogeneous data. Effective organization and uniform management of heterogeneous data are achieved. Finally, correlation methods are applied in petroleum domain to provide support for effective management of petroleum scientific data and service sharing.

Keyword: Ontology, Heterogeneous Data, Semantic Extraction, Data Integration


Page No: 40-48

SaaS-Based Campus Smart Card System by Layering Model with Scalability and Configurability and Information Integration

Hang You

School of Mechatronic Engineering and Automation, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

Abstract: The smart card system has become an essential part of the digital campus. Recently the solutions based on SaaS in China have become popular for the advantages of less upfront investment, good service quality and convenience maintainability. But in colleges and universities there are many challenges. In this paper, we discussed the solutions for three challenges: personalized demand, system integration and information utilization. Firstly, it was suggested that different users should select the private cloud or public cloud mode. Next, the campus smart card system model based on SaaS was proposed. The model with layered architecture has good configurability, flexibility and integration metrics. Then, several methods were put forward to solve the integration between the card systems with other information systems. In addition, the IA theory was applied in the information retrieval, and the intelligent analysis examples of the card business data were discussed. At last we considered five kinds of configurability: data, function, workflow, portal and smart card, and a configurability management system based on metadata was presented.

Keyword: Smart Card, SaaS, Integration, Configurability


Page No: 49-54

Analysis of Hydrodynamic Coefficients Calculation and Longitudinal Motion Prediction of Hybrid Monohull Based on Numerical Simulation

Qunyin Jiang, Guang Yang and Anqi Zhu

School of Control and Computer Engineering, North China Electric Power University, Beijing, China

Abstract: The shape of hybrid monohull at the bow is quite complex and the viscosity force is the main component of the damping force in the drainage area of the bow when the ship moves in waves so that the result of the motion predicition by the traditional potential flow method is very different from the result of experiments. This paper tries to use new numerical compute method considering the effect of the viscosity to improve the precision of the sea keeping predicition. Based on the Reynolds Averaged N-S Equations (RANS) method, the paper takes a hrbrid monohull to compute the hydrodynamic coefficients. According to the result of model test, the prediction of the hybrid monohull’s the longitudinal motion in regular waves at speed of 18kn also indicates that RANS method can reflect viscid influence reducing the motion of hybrid monohull in waves.

Keyword: Hybrid Monohull, Viscid Effect, Numerical Simulation, Longitudinal Motion Prediction


Page No: 55-60

High Performance Digital Circuits Designing for Improving Driven Parameters Using Dynamic Logic Styles with Dynamic CMOS Circuits

Sonimhza Dinivieshi Komaris and Sananmud Mianaimade

School of Mechanical Engineering, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh, India

Abstract: The high performance digital circuits are designed with the dynamic CMOS circuits. There is different CMOS based digital circuits accepted time by time for improving the driven parameters to get better response. The static CMOS and dynamic CMOS based digital circuits are two common and important technics which employed for designing complex digital circuits. The static CMOS logic based digital circuit gives better noise immunity but slower in response as compare to dynamic CMOS based circuit. In high speed electronics clocked logic methodology plays important role, the clock signal is used to synchronise transistor in sequential logic circuits. Now a day’s dynamic CMOS logic circuits are used to get fast response up to acceptable noise level. In this paper a comparative evaluation is done for different accepted logic circuits based on dynamic CMOS technique. These techniques are Domino Technique, Mendoza Technique, Noise Tolerant Dynamic logic, Feed through logic, Conditional Clocking and Delayed Clocking based on principles such as Using keeper, Pre-charging internal nodes, Raising source voltage, Constructing complementary p-network, and Transparency Window Technique. Circuits designed using dynamic logic styles can be considerably faster and more compact than their static CMOS counterparts. This is especially the case with wide fan-in dynamic logic gates where a single gate can realize the logic function that otherwise would require multiple levels of static CMOS logic gates.

Keyword: Dynamic CMOS, Precharge, Current Mirror, Pseudo NMOS, Current Mirror Keeper, PDN


Page No: 61-66

Analysis on Information Communication Reroute in Digital Media with Comprehensive Feature

Dongliang Wan1, Longjuan Li1 and Bingna Mei2

1Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing, China

2China Academy of Transportation Sciences, Beijing, China

Abstract: Since new digital media era is coming, it puts forward new requirements for the design and communication of information. With the effect of broadband network, the most important thing is we are not lack of information, but more important thing is how each of us can have more convenient access to the valuable information. In this paper, with the help of the overview of information design and information communication, it explores the ways to realize the information design and information communication of digital media.

Keyword: Digital Media Era, Information Design, Communication


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