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Volume 3, Issue 4, 2015


Page No: 356-359

Research and Practice of "Remote Sensing Principles and Applications" Multimedia Teaching System

Xue Leng1, Yi Shen2*

1School of Photoelectric Engineering, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, 130000, China

2Changchun University of Science and Technology library, Changchun, 130000, China

Abstract: This paper describes the development of "Remote Sensing Principles and Applications" course multimedia teaching system. It discusses the development program of teaching systems, processes and characteristics. Obtained using the experience from the teaching practice process.

Keyword: Remote Sensing, Multimedia, Teaching Practice


Page No: 360-366

Microimpurity Measurement Based on Stroboscopic Measurement

Duanyuan Bai1, Ji Zou2

1Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, China

2Changchun University, Changchun, China

Abstract: Stroboscopic measurement is a non-contact detection technology based on the characteristic analysis of object light radiation, the way is by the external source excited such as visible light, x rays, and gamma ray and electron, etc. Through the parameter analysis of excited, we can get the microimpurity trace characteristics. The experimental results show that improve the precision of the measurement.

Keyword: Stroboscopic Measurement, Microimpurity Measurement, Light Radiation


Page No: 367-375

Positioning and Navigation Based on RFID in Local Scope

Duanyuan Bai1, Ji Zou2

1Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, China

2Changchun University, Changchun, China

Abstract: Orientation, positioning and navigation for the visually impaired person is difficult, especially in the unknown environment in local scope. This introduction is about the embedded pedestrian navigation and positioning system consist of sensor in an active radio frequency identification (RFID) tag system. Navigation and positioning system based on active radio frequency identification is a kind of new identification technology, the direction and position detection of user through calculating net labels. Test results show that the positioning and navigation method is effective in some local scope area.

Keyword: Positioning and Navigation, Local Scope, RFID, Tags, Route Planning


Page No: 376-390

Implementation of University Data Integration Project Structure Planning

Jingchun Wang

Information Center, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun

Abstract: Many colleges and universities data architecture is more and more not adapt to the information construction of colleges and universities, this paper puts forward the data integration with systematic structure planning project, just using the ODI auxiliary tools, realized the integration of business data. First of the two types of data integration project structure has carried on the contrast analysis, established the systematic project structure for data integration in colleges and universities, and then using the ODI auxiliary tool, for example, data integration to realize university two business system. Finally come to the conclusion, based on the systematic project of ODI structure, ensures the consistency of the data and the accuracy of colleges and universities, is more suitable for business system of the data integration work.

Keyword: Data Integration, ODI, Colleges and Universities, Structure


Page No: 391-396

How to Improve the Quality of University Library Staff

Dongju Bu, Yueheng Cao

Changchun University of Science and Technology, Jilin University, 130000

Abstract: In University Library and the transition from tradition to modern digital period, put forward higher requirements for library staff. This paper analyzed the present situation of University Library Librarian and the quality of university librarians should have the quality, puts forward the concrete ways to optimize the quality of Librarians in university libraries, to provide better quality services for the majority of teachers and students.

Keyword: The Librarian, Digital Library, Quality


Page No: 397-404

Some New Algorithms of the Application on Chaotic Security Communication and Chaotic Control

Hao Wang

Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, 130022, China

Abstract: In this paper, several new algorithms of chaos theory in the field of secure communication and chaos control are studied. The three algorithms are applied to image encryption method, communication modulation technology and control technology.

This paper briefly reviews the history of chaos theory and application development. The basic theory and methods of chaos are introduced. The main characteristics of the chaotic system are summarized, and the road leading to chaos is analyzed, and several common chaotic systems are briefly introduced. The research progress of the application of chaos in secure communication is discussed, including the application of chaos in data encryption, chaotic signal is used as a carrier to study the chaos communication technology and chaos synchronization technology and so on. The analysis based on DES algorithm characteristics and the existing problems, put forward based on the combination of Chua's circuit and the DES algorithm of image encryption method and a DES and Arnold transform image encryption method and the simulation study was carried out. In this paper, the application technology of chaotic carrier communication system is discussed. Based on the basic principle of, DCSK, CSK, FM-DCSK and QSCK, a new method of multi band chaotic keying is proposed. In the sixth chapter, we firstly analyze the OGY control method, the feedback control of chaos system, and the adaptive control method of chaos. In these foundations, a control strategy is proposed based on the improvement of the spatial correlation between two chaotic signals.

Keyword: Chaos, Image Encryption, Chaotic Keying, Chaos Control


Page No: 405-411

Research on Electromagnetic Attack technology of Password Chip Based on Machine Learning

Hao Wang

Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, 130022, China

Abstract: Machine learning has become one of the most active and potential applications in the field of computer. It has been successfully applied in face detection, speech recognition and so on. In recent years, domestic and foreign scholars have introduced the method of machine learning into the research field of cryptography design and analysis. In the same time, it also provides a new way for the comprehensive development of cryptography and machine learning. Information system security depends on the weakest component of the system, which makes the password algorithm safe, even in the theory of mathematics, it may be due to its improper physical realization of the risk. Side channel attack is based on this principle and the effective attack technology, the use of the implementation of cryptographic algorithm - code chip operation process of various physical information (such as power consumption, electromagnetic radiation, sound, visible light, etc.) to crack the key. Compared with the traditional method, the side channel attack technology has the advantages of small key search space and better analytical efficiency. And machine learning can improve and improve the performance of the human being. So the side channel attack based on machine learning is important to improve the reliability and the automation level of attack. At present, the research in this field is still in the exploration stage, and many problems need to be further discussed. Compared to the other side channel attack method, the electromagnetic attack in the process of attack without the need to connect directly with the password system, with a strong concealment and difficult to be aware of, etc.. This paper to commonly used cryptographic algorithms as the object of attack, to electromagnetic radiation detection as the main means of testing, the machine learning method is applied to the side channel attacks, attack means to the traditional template must be known plaintext or cipher text shortcomings, a directly to key target of single qubit template attack method is proposed, this method can not only reduce the number of templates to construct a, reduces the computational complexity, and using more training data.

Keyword: Template Attack, Electromagnetic Analysis, Support Vector Machine, Linear Regression, Normalized Class Variance


Page No: 412-414

Variable Pitch Control of Wind Turbine Generator

Feng Jiang

Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, 130022, China

Abstract: This paper mainly studies the new wind power generation system with variable pitch and variable speed wind turbine. When the actual wind speed exceeds the rated wind speed by the pitch angle control, the system can achieve control of the rotating speed of the generator, and can make the wind power generator in rated power accessory power.

Keyword: Pitch Control, Wind Turbine


Page No: 415-418

Radar Rage Equation of Meteorological Target

Feng Jiang

Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, 130022, China

Abstract: The meteorological target should be modeled for distributed scattering of a three-dimensional object. In this paper, the radar range equation derivation is described with the general method, to be applied to point scattering or volume scattering.

Keyword: radar rage equation, meteorological target, point scattering, volume scattering


Page No: 419-424

Problems and Countermeasures of University Library Acquisition Work in the New Period

Shen Yi

Library of Changchun University of Science and Technology Changchun, Jilin, 130022

Abstract: R Purchase work is the basis of the work of the library, the development of the library and meet the needs of readers. Analyzes the problems of the present library purchase, and puts forward the method to solve the problem.

Keyword: Library purchase, Problems, Countermeasures


Page No: 425-427

Universities Teaching Method Reform - the Incentive Effects of Scholarships

Xue Leng1, Yi Shen2*

1School of Photoelectric Engineering, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, 130000, China

2ChangchunUniversity of Science and Technology library, Changchun, 130000, China

Abstract: This article on the incentive effects of College Scholarships for analysis. It is from the type of scholarship, reporting conditions, rewards and assessment procedures and so on. It has benefit meaning for improve universities have scholarships.

Keyword: Teaching Reform, Scholarship Incentive Effect


Page No: 428-435

Down-hole Operation Office and Management System Design and Implementation

Jia Bijue1, * and Tang Liang2

1School of Science, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu, P. R. China

2School of Computer Science, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu, P. R. China

Abstract: A paperless office system integrated with management system for users in down-hole oil field was introduced in this contribution. The system developed is specifically designed to decrease workload and save time by taking over traditional manual operation with computer program. The enhancement of documents maintenance can also be obtained by utilizing this system. The system consists of two sub-systems. Office subsystem was developed by using C# language and Windows Presentation Foundation technology, while management subsystem was developed under .NET MVC framework (Browser/Server structure). Both of the two sub-systems utilize the same database based on Microsoft SQL Server 2008. After being put into operation, feedbacks from users in down-hole operation field have shown that system’s running well.

Keyword: WPF, ASP.NET, Digital Oilfield, Down-Hole Operation


Page No: 436-443

Analysis on Factors Influencing Average Wage of Different Industries in China

Hongyu Liu, Xiaoyu Zhang and Xiaolin Ma

School of Business Administration University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Anshan, China

Abstract: this paper analyzed factors influencing the income gap in 19 industries in China based on data of 2012 using a multiple linear regression method. The results show that the major influencing factors include human capital, labor productivity, monopoly degree and capital equity in the industry.

Keyword: Labor Productivity, Human Capital Share, Monopoly Degree, Labor Productivity, Multiple Linear Regression


Page No: 444-457

A Comparative Analysis of Chinese and Foreign Price Hearing System

Zehua Liu

Ph.D. Candidate of Constitutional law and Administrative law

China University of Political Science and Law

Beijing, China

Abstract: The extent of public participation is an important criterion for the democratization and legalization level of a country. As an important manifestation of public participation, the price hearing system is important for the protection of the vital interests of ordinary citizens and the supervision of administrative organs’ abidance by law. At present, China has established a price hearing system, but there are a number of problems in the actual execution process. In this paper, the Chinese and foreign price hearing system are compared and analyzed to explore the cause for the problems in China’s price hearing system and provide suggestions for the further improvement of China’s price hearing system.

Keyword: Price Hearing, Price Hearing Procedure, Files Exclusiveness


Page No: 458-462

The Application of Case Method in the Course “Co-operative Marketing”

Kun Du*, Dan Zheng

College of Co-operatives, Qingdao Agricultural University, Qingdao, CHINA

Abstract: In the very paper, we introduce the brief review about the establishment of the course “Co-operative Marketing” in CC-QAU (College of Co-operatives of Qingdao Agricultural University), explain the development of co-operative marketing teaching in China, also analyse the critical factors about the application of the case method in the course “Co-operative Marketing”.

Keyword: Cases, Case Method, Co-operative Marketing


Page No: 463-467

Construction of Information Sharing Space in University Library

Yang Cui

Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, China 130000

Abstract: This study has important significance in promoting the integration of information sharing technology and services, innovative education mode and improving the core competitiveness of university library information sharing space for the modular design, including: resource construction module, functional service module, quality evaluation module, management decision-making module, and finally gives the construction strategy.

Keyword: Academic, Libraries information, Commons Model Construction Strategy


Page No: 468-471

Knowledge Service Capability and Evaluation Survey of Book Information Industry

Yang Cui

Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, China 130000

Abstract: The foundation of knowledge service is centralized with customers’ needs and questions. The ultimate result of knowledge service is to help customers to adapt their knowledge products and service with specific requirements. The essay introduced the connotation, processing procedure, structure, analyzed specifications of knowledge service and researched how to build the service-oriented system of knowledge service. It’s helpful for us to make clear the index system and relative works of book information industry and therefore foster professionals’ knowledge and service level, and promote the progression of book information service capability.

Keyword: Book Information, Knowledge Service Capability, Index System


Page No: 472-476

Research on the Development and Strategy of Digital Library in the Era of Big Data

Yaoyao Zhao

Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, China 130000

Abstract: Under the big data environment, the individual will change the traditional library mode, the future library application will be driven by the personalized technology, the library will provide the specific users with the exclusive books and services. Based on the introduction of large data and its application, this paper analyzes the main source of the library data, and analyzes the future development strategy of the library, including: personalized recommendation technology, personalized library regulations, personalized book collection and personalized exchange platform, in order to provide reference for the future development of the library.

Keyword: Big Data, Personalization, Library, Cloud Technology Processing Model


Page No: 477-481

The Application of the Library Cloud Desktop Analysis

Liping Yan, Yingxin Zhai

Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, China 130000

Abstract: This article embarks from the library business requirements and cloud desktop concepts, the five kinds of simple introduction of the current library cloud desktop application mode, analyzes the advantages and problems of library cloud desktop, finally to library cloud desktop application is evaluated and prospected.

Keyword: Virtual Cloud Desktop, Library Cloud Desktop


Page No: 482-487

Study on Ozone’s Treatment Effects on Acid Scarlet 3R and Acid Fuchsin Wastewater

Jing Zhang, Chi Yu and Zhongjun Liu

School of Environment and Chemical Engineering, Dalian University, Dalian, 116622

Abstract: The ozone’s degradation effects on azodye (acid scarlet 3R and acid fuchsin) wastewater under identical conditions. Experiments show that, during a certain period of reaction time, for ozone of a particular concentration, the COD removal rate will increase over time. Under the given condition, Ozone’s decolorization effect on acid scarlet 3R is better than that on acid fuchsin, and the time it takes for ozone to treat the two dyes is relatively short while a high COD removal rate can be achieved.

Keyword: Ozone, Azodye, Degradation, COD


Page No: 488-493

Study on Ozone’s Treatment Effects on Acid Black ATT and Magentagreencrystals Wastewater

Chi Yu, Jing Zhang and Zhongjun Liu

School of Environment and Chemical Engineering, Dalian University, Dalian, 116622

Abstract: The ozone’s degradation effects on azodye (acid black ATT and magentagreencrystals) wastewater under identical conditions ware sdudied. Experiments show that, during a certain reaction time, for ozone of a particular concentration, the COD removal rate will increase over time. Ozone’s decolorization effect on acid black ATT is better than that on magentagreencrystals. However, ozone’s treatment effects on the two dyes are not satisfactory and the time it takes for the treatment is relatively long.

Keyword: Ozone, Azodye, Degradation, COD


Page No: 494-502

Antarctic Environment Protection: Barriers and Developing Direction

Keru Wang

The School of International Law, China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing ,China

Abstract: Antarctic area has unique geographical and climate conditions. Its environmental conditions affect climatic variation and ecological balance of the whole world. This paper summarizes regulations about environment protection in Antarctic Treaty System, analyzes conflicts in laws and insufficient in system, and puts forward reasons and significance to protect Antarctic environment as well as the urgency to insist sustainable development and establish a general representative international institution. This paper mainly discusses “realistic obstacles” and “future development” of Antarctic environment protection, and comes up with measures to perfect protection system from theory and practice aspects.

Keyword: International Environmental Law, Antarctic Environment Protection, Antarctic Treaty System


Page No: 503-508

Research on Cross-cultural Team Management of Weichai Group

Fang Zhu, Huajie Mu

Department of Information Engineering, Shandong Industrial Technician College, Weifang, China

Abstract: The Weichai Group is the only company that operates on four business sectors including engines and vehicles, powertrain, luxury yacht and automotive parts. It is also an international company which runs business across several fields and industries, with subsidiaries spreading throughout China, Europe, North America, South Asia and other regions. After years of development, the Weichai Group has successfully walked out of China, set subsidiaries overseas, and made many achievements. However, the Weichai Group has not fully addressed a core problem, that is, cross-cultural team management. It is not a new problem for the Weichai Group, but it is a key and difficulty point which requires further explorations.

Keyword: Cross-Cultural Team Management, Corporate Cultural, Effective Collaboration


Page No: 509-518

Analysis of International Tax Relief Systems: from the Perspective of Institutional Objective

Jinyu Du

Ph.D. Candidate of Center for Law and Economics

China University of Political Science and Law

Beijing, China

Abstract: Tax relief law system is an important part of the legal system. It has played a significant role in China's reform and opening up process. However, with the deepening of reform, according to the administrative requirements of continuous improvement, the tax relief system also needs to be modified and improved to work with the state's legal reform process. From the perspective of institutional objective, which is the fundamental purpose of the legislation, this paper analyzes the reform of China’s tax relief system combined with a discussion of a number of foreign regulations.

Keyword: Tax Relief System, People’s Livelihood Objective, Economic Objective


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