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Volume 4, Issue 3, 2016

Page No: 273-276

Modernism Art Society of the Republic of China "Juelanshe" Review

Hao Xing

School of history, Hebei University, Baoding 071002, China

Abstract: During the period of the republic of China,"JueLanShe" is an emerging art community, and the original aim is through the group practice to introduce and spread western modern painting, becoming the pioneers of the new art movement in China. However, owing to the war and increased domestic environmental degradation, coupled with community art fun mix of poorly organized and community members, the group's artistic achievement is not highlighted, eventually the group gradually weakened with the influence of the four session of exhibition of fine arts and failed. This paper highlighted the introduction of the background, the process of "JueLanShe”, and the main activities and final dissolution, and evaluated its influence.

Keywords: "JueLanShe", modernism, art movement


Page No: 277-282

Research on Optimization and Energy Conservation of Single Train in Urban Traffic

Qi Meng

Department of Northeast Petroleum University, Institute of Petroleum Engineering. Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province 163318, China

Abstract: More and more attention goes to energy conservation in traffic system, as on one hand, it can cut down expenses, while on the other hand, it can decrease pollution discharged to the air. Two key links for energy conservation operation are optimization of timetable and optimization of running scheme in traffic system. The former adjusts running time and route between stations, while the latter determines a series of control by traction and brakeage in running. Based on analysis of kinetic model and kinematics model in running of train, the paper utilizes Matlab software to optimize optimization model of objective to optimize design of train's running scheme and decrease train's energy consumption.

Keywords: train, energy conservation, optimization, speed


Page No: 283-289

Huangpu Colleges Reviews——Memory of Jingdezhen Ceramic College Listing Ceremony

Zhihua Xu

University of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute of Design Art

Abstract: The University is the only Chinese Jingdezhen ceramics to ceramics of comprehensive undergraduate course colleges and universities. Once owned by the state light ministry, the school was originally founded in 1910 as the school ability of Chinese contented industry, the undergraduate course system of Jingdezhen ceramic institute was established in 1958. In 1984, the school became a master's degree award authority unit. Into the central and local governments to build in 1998, mainly management in Jiangxi province. In July 2013, Dr Was increased by the academic degrees committee under the state council as a degree-conferring unit. In March 2016, renamed university of Jingdezhen ceramics.

Keywords: Jingdezhen, University of ceramics


Page No: 290-295

Jingdezhen Ceramic Education New Demand

Xiumei Wu

University of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute of Design Art

Abstract: Jingdezhen ceramic education are of international significance, it is a one thousand - year - old ceramic culture, is the world capital of the handicraft industry, was for the world's first industrial city, however, with the development of science and technology, the city still to industrial and half mode of production is famous the world ceramic industry. Now ceramic process is no longer entirely mentoring heritage, so as early as one hundred years ago, according to zhang "brought to admit to, the college must first" thinking, in the wave of factory supplied a contented industry school. Contented industry of the school hall by Xu Fengjun as long; it’s comfortable to tell the people the world ceramic education academic was born.

Keywords: Jingdezhen, Ceramic education


Page No: 296-301

P2P Botnet Detection Based on Network Flow Filtering and Community Structure Discovery

Zhichao Yuan1, *, Shan Yao2 and Chunhe Xia3

1Library, Beihang University, Beijing, China

2National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team/Coordination Center of China, Beijing, China

3Beijing Key Laboratory of Network Technology, Beihang University, Beijing, China

Abstract: P2P Botnet refers to the network consists of malicious programs that can transfer commands through direct interaction and initiate networks and response to the request. Discovering P2P botnet command and control structure and detecting possible P2P botnet nodes will be able to provide valuable information to attack, defense and leverage P2P botnets. Malicious traffic and communication structure are important features of P2P botnet. In this paper, we present a P2P botnet detection method using network flow filtering and community structure discovery technique. Our validation tests are based on a public data set and a simulated data set in the end.

Keywords: P2P botnet, traffic monitor, community discovery, botnet detection


Page No: 302-306

Application of Teaching Mode based on Flipped Classroom and Micro-lecture for College English

Feng Shi

School of International Studies, University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Liaoning, 114051, China

Abstract: The traditional teaching mode is confronted with unprecedented challenges with the advent of information network era. Meanwhile, the relevant study on flipped-classroom and micro-lecture has already attracted much attention in the education circle. Based on brief comments on the theory and practice of flipped classroom and micro-lecture at home and abroad, this paper aims to explore the practical application of teaching mode for college English based on flipped classroom and micro-lecture.

Keywords: flipped classroom, micro-lecture, college English


Page No: 307-314

Evaluation of the Water Quality of the Yangtze River Based on the Comprehensive Pollution Index Model

Dong Xiaowen1, Ma Feifei1, 2, Feng Lichao1, 2

1Innovative Laboratory of mathematical modeling, North China University of Science & technology, Tangshan, Hebei 063000, China

2North China University of science and technology, Tangshan 063000, Hebei, China

Abstract: In view of the present situation of water pollution in the Yangtze River Basin, the comprehensive pollution index method is used to judge whether the water quality standard or exceed the standard. We use the size of P to evaluate the water quality of the Yangtze River comprehensively .And use the standard deviation of the proportion of each individual to seek the weight of pollution indicators, and finally analyze the water pollution situation of 17 stations. In this paper, we judge the amount of sewage by using discharge rate. By seeking the upper and lower bounds of the amount of sewage in each section of the Yangtze River, we get the section of the Yangtze River sewage ranking in the largest amount. This solution solves the trouble caused by unknown quantity (the number and the corresponding amount of sewage in a river outfall).

Keywords: Integrated pollution index model, Discharge rate, Water quality category, gray prediction


Page No: 315-322

New Space Junk Removal Program

Shi Dongxu1, Wang Xueqin2, Feng Lichao1

1College of Science, North China University of Science and Technology, Tangshan, Hebei, 063000, China

2College of Economics, North China University of Science and Technology, Tangshan, Hebei, 063000, China

Abstract: The increasing growth of space junk in the earth orbit has caused concern form various countries’ national space agencies. Currently, there has been more than 4500 tons of space junk in the Earth's orbit. If those junks are not cleared, they will bring great threat to the security of space craft. Aiming at the lowest cost, by using space junk processors released by satellite carriers to remove space junk, we establish a satellite carrier switching orbit model based on the differential systems with Markovian Switching. More precisely, by observing whether the space junk within the each region range of satellite carrier scanning has processing value, we divide orbit switching strategy into two cases: one case is a differential system with Markovian Switching based on the probability transition matrix; the other case is the artificial switching system. To optimize the energy thrust, this paper designs the optimal index function for the optimum feedback controllers. Furthermore, we introduce some matrix   to describe some stochastic failure of thruster, and give some appropriate sufficient conditions to ensure the stochastic stability of switching orbit system. Finally, we do the cost-benefit analysis, and further prove the feasibility of our technology.

Keywords: satellite carrier; Markovian Switching; stochastic failure


Page No: 323-329

Space Junk Optimal Control System Study

Shurun Gao1, 2, Hengheng Qu2, 3, *

1College of Information Engineering, North China University of Science and Technology, Tangshan Hebei 063000, China

2Innovation Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling, North China University of Science and Technology, Tangshan Hebei 063000, China

3College of Electric Engineering, North China University of Science and Technology, Tangshan Hebei 063000, China

Abstract: Space junk refers to what the human abandoned in the space in the space activity, namely the space trash. Therefore, how to clean up space junk, and how to reduce the hazards to the greatest extent, are two widely concerned problems by the international media. More precisely speaking, the problem is considered to be divided into the three stages of orbit determination, optimal control capture and orbit dynamic control, and all stages are modeled and simulated to validate the correctness of models. Taking space junk in low orbit as an example, this paper uses the motion law (including quality, size, location and other relevant data) of the space junk in low orbit (affected by air resistance) to establish the space junk orbit model. To minimize costs and risks, by changing the driving force, we establish the "Recycle Bin" orbit dynamic model, and give the shortest time performance index of the orbit control model. The Gauss pseudo spectral method is introduced to solve the optimal rendezvous points of the capture system, and the effectiveness of the method is verified.

Keywords: space junk, simulation experiment, orbit dynamic model, gauss pseudo spectral method


Page No: 330-340

Study of Reservoir Heterogeneity in Niu 74 Block of Ciyutuo Oilfield

Zhixuan Wang1, *, Yuanlin Meng1, Yue Hu1, Hongbao Du2

1Department of Geosciences, Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing, China

2Research Institution of Petroleum Exploration and Development, Tarim Oilfield, PetroChina, Korla, China

Abstract: To clear reservoir heterogeneity of Shahejie in Niu 74 block of Ciyutuo oilfield,  this paper based on the logging secondary interpretation and core analysis test results to systematically study the reservoir heterogeneity characteristics, including the intraformational heterogeneity, interlayer heterogeneity and areal heterogeneity and barrier beds and interbeds. Research shows that the reservoir sand body of this purpose layer as a set of fine sandstone and argillaceous siltstone and silty sandstone mainly fan-delta deposition; with positive rhythm, composite positive thythm, reverse rhythm, and composite rhythm four kinds of sedimentary rhythm; strong heterogeneity within the layer; longitudinal phase-change frequently, interlayer interference was serious; plane heterogeneity was influenced by sedimentary microfacies, from underwater distributary channel to the front sheet sand, the physical property gradually deteriorated from the body to a non-physical body; residual oil was mainly distributed in main underwater distributary channel and main sheet sand; the distribution of the region's compartment was stable and was controlled by sedimentary microfacies.

Keywords: Niu 74 block, the two section, sedimentary microfacies, heterogeneity


Page No: 341-354

Study on Inflow Performance Characteristics of Slanted Wells

Qing Wei, Zhiping Li and Ruiting Bai

School of Energy and Resource, University of Geosciences (Beijing), Beijing 100083, China

Abstract: For the solution gas drive reservoir, this article utilized multi-segment well model in Eclipse reservoir simulation software, following Cheng’s way to study the inflow performance characteristics of slanted wells with five different deviations. After synthetically considering the reservoir properties as well as the features of wellbore, different slanted well models were established. On the base of them, the factors which influenced inflow performance characteristics were analyzed. Following Vogel’s dimensionless IPR curve method, this study handled with IPR curves of all the models, while a large quantity of nonlinear regression fittings were done by origin software. Then, a new dimensionless IPR curves relationship, which took formation heterogeneity into consideration, was given. The new formula, which is better than Cheng’s, can give a more quick and convenient way to predict the inflow performance of slanted wells.

Keywords: slanted wells, IPR curve, solution gas drive reservoir


Page No: 355-364

Color and Fluorescence Fundus Image Registration Method Based on Speed-up Robust Feature

Wan Zhu, Xiaonan Li, Wen Wang*

School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Tianjin Polytechnic University, Tianjin 300387, China

Abstract: Fundus image plays an important role in the diagnosis of eye diseases. In order to have a comprehensive understanding of retinal image, doctors need to take pictures from different sources of the patient's eyes. Because of the movement of the eyes of the patient, there are some differences between the corresponding physiological structures. So it is necessary to carry out registration before information fusion. In this paper, a registration method based on speed-up robust feature is proposed. Firstly, preprocessing is performed on the fundus images. Secondly, vessel segmentation and SURF feature points extraction are operated, and the descriptors are generated. Finally, the spatial transformation of the fundus fluorescein angiography image is carried out. In the test, 120 fundus images of 20 patients are tested, the results show that for different resolutions, angles, and translations, our method can achieve automatic registration, and the average matching rate reaches 93.3%, and precision reaches sub pixel level.

Keywords: color fundus image, fundus fluorescein angiography, registration, vessel segmentation, feature matching


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