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 ISSN: 1819-4818

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Volume 4, Issue 4, 2016

 Page No: 365-376

A Method of Single-Phase Fault Line Selection and Location in Small Current Grounding System Based on Transient Traveling Wave

Pengpeng Pan, Ke Ji, Lina Shi, Ying Wang, Wenxiu Han, Xuehong Wu

Page No: 377-387

Study on Rational Intermittent Pumping Cycle of Beam well

Weishi Chen

Page No: 388-396

Based on Grey Correlation Analysis Method of New Classic Furniture Product Design Evaluation Model

Hui Kang, Yong Wang

Page No: 397-404

Game Analysis of Government Incentives to Promote Technological Innovation

Xiaolin Ma, Yadong Wang, Yue Yin

Page No: 405-410

Analysis of Enterprises Choose Technological Innovation External Power Incentive Mechanism Based on the Agency Theory

Yadong Wang, Xiaolin Ma, Yue Yin

Page No: 411-418

Study on the Early Warning Method of CBM Drilling Collapse and Sticking

Haiyang Dai, He Zhang, Ming Huang, Juncheng Liu

Page No: 419-423

A Study of the Crime Prevention on the Campus in the Perspective of the Situational Crime PreventionTheory

Kangqing Wang

Page No: 424-432

Identifying Information Resources for Contact Center Agents Based on Analytics

Xu Jin, Chuansheng Wu

Page No: 433-440

China's Population Structure Prediction under the Comprehensive Two-Child Policy

Yanyan Li, zhaojin Li

Page No: 441-445

Countermeasures and Suggestions to Strengthen Production Management of Electricity Enterprise Security

Fuwei Zhang, Wenjing Wang


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