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Volume 4, Issue 6, 2016


Page No: 571-578

On Fractional Order Generalized Thermoelasticity with Moving Heat Source

Ronghou Xia

Page No: 579-584

Vertical Distribution of Cu in Waters in the Bay Mouth of Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Danfeng Yang, Zhikang Wang and Xiuqin Yang

Page No: 585-591

Demonstration of the Lower Temperature SiO2 Surface Passivation Technology on Inas/Gasb Superlattice Detectors

Ruiqin Peng, Shujie Jiao, Hongtao Li, Liancheng Zhao

Page No: 592-600

Effect of MnO2 on Properties of SiC-mullite Composite Ceramic for Solar Sensible Thermal Storage

Xiaohong Xu, Xinbin Lao, Jianfeng Wu, Yaxiang Zhang, Xiaoyang Xu, Kun Li

Page No: 601-609

Research on Ajax Technology and its Application in Web

Kai Liang, Sanxing Cao, Baihui Tang

Page No: 610-616

Study on Performance Optimization of Web Front End

Cong Li, Sanxing Cao, Lingjun Yang

Page No: 617-623

Deformation Mechanism and Control Method of Surrounding Rock Roadway with Clay Minerals

Fuyi Ma, Jiliang Du, Xijiang Zhao

Page No: 624-633

A New EFT Test Method for IC’s Immunity

Wei Zhu, Jiancheng Li, Jianfei Wu, Chunming Wang, Caideng Yu and Minghua Tang

Page No: 634-640

Research on the Construction of Network and Information Security Architecture in Campus

Page No: 641-645

Research and Development of Electrical Engineering and Its Automation in Modern Industry

Xinyu Wang

Page No: 646-650

Reflections on History and Region of Vernacular Architecture in Wenzhou

Zhitang Wu


Page No: 651-655

Elastoplastic Stress Analysis of Tunnel Based on the Unified Strength Criterion

Shuancheng Gu, Rongbin Huang, Peili Su

Page No: 656-663

Development and Decline of Christian Civilization in Western Medieval Art

Xing Li

Page No: 664-674

Study on Attitude Control Method for Submersible Vehicle Navigating within Vertical Plane Underwater

Guosheng Wang, Lu Wang, Yu Cao, Guohua Bai

Page No: 675-681

Mobile Terminal Responsive Web Design

Song Yujie, Tang Baihui


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