Computer Life (CPL) 

 ISSN: 1819-4818

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Volume 5, Issue 1, 2017

Page No: 1-7

Three Different Types of Cd Content’S Modes

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Zhikang Wang, Xiuqin Yang

Page No: 8-13

Analysis and Study of Network Resource Management Technology of Modern Data Center

Wenyang Zhang, Bilong Xiao

Page No: 14-21

Study on the Dissemination of Folk Sports Culture from the Perspective of New Media

Ming Zi

Page No: 22-29

Research and Analysis on the Pressure of Granary Bottom Axis

Xin Zhang, Dexian Zhang, Xuehai Zhang and Miao Zhang

Page No: 30-44

The Numerical Simulation on Internal Gas-liquid Two Phase Flow Field of Three Layers of Air Stirred Reactor

Haiyue Wang, Zhixi Liang, Ning Liu

Page No: 45-55

A Dynamic Monitoring Method for Fracturing Fluid Injection

Bin Luo, Jiarui Liu

Page No: 56-66

Real - time Dynamic Control Analysis Technology of Closed Underbalanced

Shaofeng Xu, Gong Zhang, Haoliang Zhao

Page No: 67-71

Study on Coalbed Gas Reservoir Engineering

He Chen

Page No: 72-75

Embed Gateway Design for Intelligent Home System

Jingjing Fan, Jianguang Zhao

Page No: 76-90

Simulation and Optimization of the Expanding Device of an Assemble Steel Bridge Based on Virtual Prototyping Technology

Fanqi Zeng, Qiang Wang, Xiaohui He

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