Computer Life (CPL) 

 ISSN: 1819-4818

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Volume 5, Issue 3, 2017

Page No: 179-184

Design of Intelligent Electronic Scale

Siqi Zhu, Zhiyuan Dong


Page No: 185-198

User Energy Efficiency Evaluation Model Based on Comprehensive Weighting Method of the PCA and G1 Methods

Di Jian, Xing Rui


Page No: 199-204

Preparation of Magnetorheological Elastomers

Huimin Sun, Nannan Liu, Jie Wei, Zhaocan Gu


Page No: 205-212

The Processing Process of Surface Texture

Nannan Liu, Zhaocan Gu, Huimin Sun, Jie Wei, Mengshi Dong


Page No: 213-219

Research of Police Big Data for Public Security

Zhiyan Zhao, Shuhua Huang


Page No: 220-228

Research on Scientific Data Management and Sharing in the Environment of Big Data

Ningning Liu


Page No: 229-233

The Statistical Analysis of Chinese Earthquake Events in the Past Five Years

Li Yang, Huan Liu, Jiawei Liao


Page No: 234-241

On Correlation Measures of Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Information

Yongxing Jia, Li Zhang, Xiaoqi Liu, Qianglong Zhang


Page No: 242-250

Polarimetry Based on Two-Pinhole Interference

Juan Dong, Tao Chen, Hongyong Yuan


Page No: 251-258

Design and Implementation of File Transfer System Based on Fountain Code Technology on Android Platform

Liwei Li, Xinle Yu, Xiaogang Yang


Page No: 259-267

Model Feasibility Analysis on Self-excited Oscillation System under Colored Noise

Wenjun Sun, Guosheng Rui, Rui Wang


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