Computer Life (CPL) 

 ISSN: 1819-4818

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Volume 5, Issue 4, 2017

Page No: 268-274

A novel technique for the production of colored asphalt

Zheng He1, Yang Ge2, Xiaoyu Sun1, Hongxing Zhang3, Jianxin Teng1



Page No: 275-287

Energy Control Strategy of Multi-Microgrid Based on CA and Ant Colony Optimization under Island Mode

Bin Lu, Jian Yang


Page No: 288-298

Identification and Fault Diagnosis of Insulators in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Images

Xueming Zhai, Xuanyi Liu


Page No: 299-304

Practice and Exploration of Task-Driven Teaching Method in Photoshop Course of Higher Vocational Colleges

Zhitang Wu


Page No: 305-317

Experimental investigation of laminates with different SMAs positions with Low-velocity impact

Xuana Gu, Zheng He, Xiaoyua Sun, Ju Liu, Binsheng Wang, Jianxin Teng


Page No: 318-322

Application research on dynamic tension detection of hoisting wire rope based on ZigBee technology

Min Gao, Xue Jiang, Jinjin Song, Shuzhi Sun and Wentao Tan


Page No: 323-327

Research on Sealing Device of Hydraulic Cylinder

Jinjin Song, Min Gao, Ming Liu, Shuzhi Sun and Xiang Zhang


Page No: 328-335

Research on An Optimal Path Algorithm for Satellite Navigation

Shiqi Chen, Chaixia Wang, Chen Dai


Page No: 336-346

Multi-phase flow equilibrium calculations using integrated thermodynamic model and experimental measurements

Zheng, He, Xiaoyu Sun, Xuan Gu, Jianxin Teng, Binsheng Wang


Page No: 347-352

Research on the evaluation of college students' comprehensive quality

Yongliang Xiao, Shaoping Zhu, Xiangbao Li, Wenbin Liu, Canwei He


Page No: 353-357

A New Method of Automatic Summarization based on Semantic Rhythm

Fan Chen


Page No: 358-362

A design of automatic parking system for Intelligent Community

Ru Zhang


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